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Andrew La

Welcome to my GITA website!

I'm Andrew La, a sophomore in high school, and I am learning the Flash Programming Language right now. Some things I'm part of this year is Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, Band, and Speech and Debate. I'm also part of a lot of clubs on campus; I hold leadership positions for some of them. When I'm not in school or studying, there's a good chance you'll find me at the park fishing or playing basketball. When I'm not doing that, I'm either sleeping, eating, or watching a Blazer's game. Right now, I'm taking AP Euro, Honors Chem, Honors Pre Calculus, Honors English, Japanese II, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, and GITA III. I'm taking the AP Euro, AP World, and AP Computer Science Principles exam this year. My goal is to get better grades than my brother (twin brother) and keep it like that. I'm also going to try to be more involved with activities on campus. Right now, I am part of NHS and I am Chinese Club Treasurer, Speech and Debate Club Publicist, Coding Club Treasurer, Learning League Membership Director, Learning League Secretary, and RAISE Club Board Member. I want to do more next year :))

About GITA

GITA is a four year computer science course offered at BOHS. Over the course of the four years, it will teach C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and Java. I learned C# last year in GITA 1, and am learning Flash this year in GITA 3. Although Adobe Flash is not supported anymore, it teaches useful concepts and skills that will be applicable in many other languages. Since I can't embed flash programs in this web page (sorry!), I took some screen recordings of my programs for you! Also, I included links to download my projects. Enjoy! ↓ Also, my GITA 1 website is linked at the top. All of these webpages were designed and coded from scratch (no template); as you can probably tell :D Enjoy the rest of the website!


Click on the boxes to download my projects!

Avater Webpage

Meet Johnny, created out of my imagination!! Click on the picture to learn all about him!

Avater Greeting Card

Happy National Steak Day!! Click the image to download the project


A scene of a passing day


A video game tribute to one of my favorite classic video games: Scorched Earth

Baby Pugs(are gonna take over the world)

A group project advertising a new (and totally real)video game: Baby Pugs


A small animated tutorial - proceed with

Sound Project

Soundboard with different sounds. Water droplet themed

Child's game

An easy game for children to work on hand eye coordination


A hybrid of Pong and Pinball:


A simple space themed helicopter game with gravity and scoring

Bullet Bounce

Simple shooting game with scoring, graphics, and sounds

Pew Pew (part 1)

My final project, called Pew Pew. This is the Classic Mode

Pew Pew (part 2)

The Chaos Mode of my final project. Watch the video to see the gameplay!


BOHS Website: bohs.bousd.us

BOUSD Website: bousd.us

GITA Website: http://www.globalitacademy.us/

Classmate Websites: gitastudent.online

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