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Random Stuff I'm doing this year


Chinese Club Treasurer

Speech and Debate Club Publicist

Coding Club Treasurer

Learning League Membership Director

Academic Decathlon

Mock Trial

Marching Band

Wind Ensemble

I am currently a sophomore taking GITA 3. I decided to take GITA 3 this year because of schedling conflicts. This year, I am taking many challenging courses, some of which are AP Euro, Japanese 2, Honors Pre Calculus, Honors Chemistry, and Honors English. Last year, I was part of the BOHS Marching Band, Basketball, and Academic Decathlon team. This year, I wanted to do more so I joined many new clubs and school groups. I currently part of the Mock Trial and Speech and Debate team, and I also joined many clubs, a couple of which I have leadership roles in. I plan to also take the AP Chinese, AP Euro, AP World, and AP Computer Science Principles Test this year. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, table tennis, fishing, and eating.

On free days, I love to go to Carbon Canyon Regional Park. Did you know they have fish in their lake? I've caught many Largemouth Bass and Catfish from there.

Did you know that I used to have a part time job? In sixth grade, I was a fit model for Vans, which meant that I tried on prototypes of their unreleased apparel so the designers could note the quality, measurements, and fit of the products. I ended up being fired from the job, not because I broke a rule, but simply I outgrew the size they were looking for.(well it wasn't really "fired", per se, but you get what I mean).

One interesting thing about me is that I am an identical twin. Enzo is very charismatic and always loves a good joke(and a meal too). He is also very very good at table tennis . . .

About GITA

This year is my second year in GITA. I first learned to code through Khan Academy's JaveSript. I also used an online coding simulation called CodeCombat(I highly recommend it for any who wants to learn or get more experience in coding). Last year, I learned to code in C#, through Visual Studio. I also used HTML and CSS. This year, I am using Adobe Flash Studio to learn how to make Flash Animation. I am also taking a Python course.

So far, I really like Adobe Flash. At the beginning, it seemed a bit tedious but now that we're learning more, it's getting a lot easier. Check out some of the projects I have posted below. Enjoy! :)


GITA 3 Projects

Avatar Webpage

A simple webpage about a fictitious character

Avatar Greeting Card

Happy National Ribeye Day! Sent from Johnny.


Here we animated the transition from day to night.

Tribute Project

A video game tribute to one of my favorite classical video games, Scorched Earth.

Baby Pugs

Group project showcasing Baby Pugs, the newest popular video game


Using Flash animation to make animated tutorials

Sound Project

A water droplet themed soundboard

Child's Game

A fruit ninja game made for little kids to work on hand eye coordination


A hybrid of Pong and pinball, I like to call it PongBall

Software and Languages



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