Andrew La



About Me

I am currently a sophomore taking GITA 3. I wan't able to take GITA 2 this year due due to scheduling conflicts. So far, computer science has been very enjoyable.

This year, I am taking many challenging courses, some of which are AP Euro, Japanese 2, Honors Pre Calculus, Honors Chemistry, and Honors English. I am part of the BOHS Marching Band, and the BOHS Academic Decathlon team. I plan to also take the AP Chinese test this year. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, solving crossword puzzles, and fishing.

Did you know that when I was in elementary school, I had a job? I was a fit model for Vans, which meant that I tried on unreleased apparel prototypes so the designers could note the quality, measurements, and fit of the products.

One interesting thing about me is that I am an identical twin. My brother, Enzo, challenges me every day.

GITA 3 Projects

Avatar Webpage

Here we created a simple webpage about a fictitious character

Avatar Greeting Card

Happy National Ribeye Day! Sent from ENA.


Here we animated the transition from day to night.

Under Construction

What is says above...

Software and Languages